The Wings of Education

Coming soon. Our commitment to making the world a better place, The Wings of Education will soon be live. This is our non-profit organization that is on a mission to bring textbooks to Life!

The Wings of Education

The Wings of Education is a non-profit organization that is on a mission to inspire the future of aviation and the travel industry. Doing this starts by bringing textbooks to life. Giving teachers and parents more opportunities to let their students explore and have more understanding about what they are learning by having the experience of having seen or doing in life what they are studying in textbooks. The Wings of Education will help in studies of History, Social Science, Science, Geography and more and bring these subjects  to life in a way like never before.

For the students that aspire to be part of the multibillion-dollar aviation and travel industries we want to help make their dreams come true.

Social Studies:

Various aspects or branches of the study of human society, considered as an educational discipline.

Defining the scope of social studies is to study people, their relationship with each other and their world. Social Studies is a subject that draws upon history, geography, ecology, economics, civics and more.

Social Studies is context that is needed to understand the nation, the world, and society, knowledge needed in many jobs and in life.

I would like to use flight attendants as an example here, for those that travel often I would like you to think back and remember the flight attendants you have had, I can guarantee you remember some very bad ones and very good ones. For the flight attendants that you found to be good, why? What made you remember them? While you may not have thought about it is this aspect at the time, what about them impressed you? Was it the way that they understood the many different cultural differences and how they executed their approach when interacting with these different subjects individually? Was it their recommendations to you or did you hear them speaking with another passenger about things to do, see, or maybe places to eat in the destination you were headed to or even a different destination?  Did they impress you with their knowledge of the many ways to be budget friendly? Did they impress you with how they handled an unplanned event?

Now think about the bad flight attendants you remember, what made them land in this category? Was it answering questions asked by you or other travelers about the destination you are headed to with “I don’t know”? Had there been a lack of guest interactions or appropriate interaction with different age groups, or did they lack an understanding of cultural awareness maybe?

 The first and most important task of a flight attendant is to always ensure the safety and security of the aircraft, nothing including customer service should come before this duty. Flight attendants serve as the first line of defense to ensure the safety and security of our nation’s aviation system and the aviation systems all around the world. An important thing to remember when answering the questions, I have asked.

Now why did I use a flight attendant as an example here? A flight attendant, the good ones, understand social science, science, history and more in a way that few can compare, they understand and know multiple cities, countries, and places you may have never heard of, they understand and respect cultural differences, age differences, and they interact in an appropriate manner with each subject. They understand and ensure equal opportunity and balance. They understand and respect how and why they are ruffly 7 miles above the land.

At the time you may not have thought about it this way, but it was one or more of these reasons that made them something to remember good or bad, correct?  I know that many of them do not realize but a good flight attendant is the perfect example of social studies as they have greater knowledge of geography, history, science, sociology, etc. then they know or then they are given credit for knowing.

Our world today needs more understanding in these subjects; if we had a better understanding of each other, we would all find ourselves living in a world that is a better place for everyone.

The Wings of Education wants to make it possible for those who want to make the world a better place to have the opportunity and resources available to do so.

The travel and aviation industry are often not given the credit for just how much knowledge there is with- in. Just as flight attendants are often thought of as just servers on the plane, what they know, what they do, and how they do it holds such a great importance to humanity and the civil ways of life that few will ever understand.

I can tell you from personal experience what they do, what they know, and how they do it, is not something that is learned overnight, there must be an interest in doing so. Those good flight attendants that you look back and think about, for them it all started as students, and they never knew, it stared in their world history, science, social studies, and geography classes, their interest in learning about the bigger world in front of them.

Having this understanding of life is so important and that’s why the Wings of Education is on a mission to bring more of an understanding of our world to them in the classrooms by bringing textbooks to life, and giving them a reason, encouragement, and excitement about doing something greater and doing it for the greater good of us all.

Once we have received all the appropriate state and federally required approvals, we will be ready to go live with our foundation and at that time we will have more details available for public access. For those who would like more information or to join this program before then, please contact The Galley Cart Group corporate office or email