The Travel Desk Concierge Service

The Travel Desk

Welcome to The Galley Cart Group Travel Company Travel Desk – Your Personal Travel Concierge.

If you are a client and have booked your travels with The Galley Cart Group Travel Company, this service is already available to you complementary as a special thank you gift from the travel company.

The Travel Desk Service is available to all others to purchase, the service fee is $14.99 per 7 days or for $49.99 per year for those who travel more often.

What does The Travel Desk do?

The Travel Desk is a service created to help you spend more time enjoying your travels and less time planning, researching, and booking.

The Travel Desk is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and can be contacted via text message, Phone Call or Email. The Travel Desk can book reservations for you at restaurants, find local attractions, get local information such as where a special store is and how to get there or a must need essential like the nearest hospital. The Travel Desk will plan the fastest and most efficient route for you via public transportation, bike, or walking to get around your destination.

When The Travel Desk books any attractions or events for you, it will be at the discounted price only available to travel agents, just as if you had booked your whole journey via the Travel Company. This service helps you save money, spend less time planning and more time enjoying. It’s your personal travel concierge on demand.

How it works

Using this service is simple, call text or email your question and within 30 minutes you will receive your answer, confirmation or reservation number, or status update on when you can expect that your inquiry will be processed.

Example: Jennifer text the Travel Desk “Please check reservation availability tonight at The Tin Fish”

15 minutes later she gets a response, ” reservations are available at 6:30, 7:00, and 8:30. Would you like to reserve a table?”

Jennifer Responds please reserve. 7:00

response, “your dinner reservation has been booked for 7:00 pm tonight at Tin Fish, enjoy your dinner.”

It’s that easy!

Once you register for The Travel Desk service you will be sent a confirmation email that will include you Traveler ID number and a link to fill out the form with your travel details. If you have chosen the year plan you will always use the same Travel ID and simply fill in the form for each trip, it’s that easy.

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